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Travel update for Europe Cruisers:

Sometimes, Mother Nature gets in the way of water levels.  That’s been true this season and into October for stretches of the Rhine and Danube Rivers.  And while Mother Nature hasn’t always risen to the occasion, we have done our best to step in to ensure our travellers enjoy their holiday, even with itinerary changes.  Some changes have included ship swaps, other times we have offered complimentary excursions in exchange for missed sailing moments.  And, in a few cases, we have proactively cancelled cruises if we believe the experience is compromised. 
In short, we have been working very hard, every moment of every day to do right by our guests under difficult water conditions.  As predictions of river conditions by local experts made more than 2 or 3 days in advance are unreliable, and water levels can change within hours, it’s unfortunately not possible to know what conditions will be.  This can mean that we are only able to notify guests of itinerary changes shortly before departure or update during the cruise.  In this situation, we’ll do our very best to advise our guest on upcoming cruises if we anticipate any change in their itinerary.